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Sleep Physician - Sleep Medicine

Sleep Physician - Sleep Medicine

The National University Hospital of Iceland in Reykjavík is looking for a positive and ambitious specialist to join our sleep medicine team full-time.  

Relevant specialties would include sleep medicine, pulmonology, neurology, psychiatry, and otorhinolaryngology with key skills including interpretation and reporting of polysomnography and vigilance studies, and the diagnosis and management of a full range of sleep related disorders including sleep related breathing disorders, circadian disorders, hypersomnias, parasomnias, insomnia, sleep related movement disorders and more. 

Iceland is famous for its natural beauty and rich history.  Reykjavík is the northern-most capital city in the world, and has been shaped by the sunny summer nights, the dark winters under the aurora that have contributed to a strong musical and artistic culture, and by the glaciers and volcanoes that surround it.   

Iceland ranks highly in international indexes of healthcare, democracy,and equality, including first on the Healthcare Access and Quality (HAQ) Index (Global Burden of Disease Study 2016), first for gender equality for the last 12 consecutive years (WEF), first in the Global Peace Index every year since 2008 (IEP), fourth in the UN Human Development Index, and was one of only four nations to avoid excess mortality during 2020-21 in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our goal is for Landspítali to have the best clinical sleep service in the Nordic countries. The service is the sole clinical provider of polysomnography (both in-lab and home) and PAP therapy in Iceland, and maintains strong working and educational links with other health centers involved in the diagnosis of sleep disorders. Iceland has a strong tradition in sleep research, including extensive collaborations with both sides of the Atlantic.  

The position is available by agreement.  The position is full-time, however it may be possible to negotiate for a lower percentage position. Tax incentives are available for up to 3 years for foreign experts recruited to Iceland. 

Helstu verkefni og ábyrgð

  • Interpretation and reporting of sleep investigations, including polysomnography, respiratory polygraphy, actigraphy, and vigilance studies
  • Diagnosis and management of a full range of sleep disorders in both inpatient and outpatient settings
  • Prescription, initiation, and ongoing management of PAP therapies (both non-invasive, and invasive via tracheostomy)
  • Assisting the medical director of the sleep service and other medical colleagues in the development and clinical oversight of sleep services throughout Iceland
  • Participation in the teaching of health professionals, including doctors, nurses, and sleep scientists
  • Participation in research work
  • Participation in general medical or specialty specific after-hours on call may be possible


  • The applicant must hold current specialist medical registration in a relevant specialty
  • The applicant must be eligible to obtain Icelandic specialist medical registration in said specialty
  • Experience in the diagnosis and management of sleep related disorders, both respiratory and non-respiratory
  • Experience working in a sleep laboratory
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work in English and/or Icelandic in a professional healthcare environment
  • Willingness to learn Icelandic

Frekari upplýsingar um starfið

Laun samkvæmt gildandi kjarasamningi sem fjármála- og efnahagsráðherra og Læknafélag Íslands hafa gert.

Landspítali's gender equality policy is taken into account when recruiting at the hospital.

The application form must include information on:

  • Employment history, education, and relevant skills
  • List of references
    Required documents:
  • Certified copy of educational credentials and medical licenses
  • Curriculum vitae in English or Icelandic specifying experience of teaching, research, and management
  • Introductory letter in English or Icelandic outlining suitability for the position and vision for the role
  • An overview of published scientific articles (or peer-reviewed) for which the applicant is the first author
  • Application to hold a specialist medical position from the Directorate of Health (link here).   For non-Icelandic speakers, assistance in completing this document can be provided after shortlisting.

Interviews will be conducted with applicants and the decision on employment will be based on them and the submitted documents. All applications will be answered.

Landspítali is a vibrant and diverse workplace where more than 6,000 people work in interdisciplinary teams and collaboration between different professions. Landspítali's vision is to be a leading university hospital where the patient is always at the forefront. Key emphases in the hospital's policy are safety culture, efficient and high-quality services, human resource development and continuous improvement.

Starfshlutfall er 100%

Umsóknarfrestur er til og með 20.10.2022

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Sif Hansdóttir - [email protected]
Jordan Cunningham - [email protected]

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