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About GEF

Gæða- og eftirlitsstofnun félagsþjónustu og barnaverndar (GEF) is the Care Quality Inspectorate for Social Services and Child Protection in Iceland. We are an independent body and report to the Ministry of Social Welfare. We manage public administration projects and inspect social services delivered by municipalities, governmental organizations, or by government contracting. This applies to all services provided according to the Municipal Social Services Act or the Act on Services for People with Disabilities with Long-Term Support Needs. 

One of our roles is to develop and publish quality standards and issue licenses for social services it inspects. We also inspect social services projects and services operated by the Ministry of Social Welfare and inspects treatment homes operated by the Government Agency for Child Protection.

We have a team of Rights Protection Officers that assist people with disabilities to access the rights they are entitled to according to the Act on the Protection of the Rights and Disabled Persons. To contact the Rights Protection Officers, please send an email to [email protected] or call 554-8100.

We also have a Team of Specialists on measures to reduce the use of compulsion in social services for people with disabilities. To contact the Specialist Team, please send an email to [email protected] or call 545-8100.

We also reimburse other governmental bodies according to the legislation on social services by municipalities and child protection law.

Reporting a concern

We receive reports of concern regarding public administration and the quality of social services delivered by municipalities, governmental organizations, or by government contracting. Organizations headed by the Minister of Social Affairs are the Government Agency for Child Protection, Multicultural Information Centre, State Diagnostic and Counselling Centre, and the National Institute for the Blind, Visually Impaired, and Deafblind. We also inspect treatment homes operated by the Government Agency for Child Protection.

How can I report a concern?

If you are concerned about the quality of social services or want to make a complaint regarding a decision made at the  municipality level you can report online on the government´s form website (currently only available in Icelandic). For questions or concerns about completing the form, please email [email protected] or phone 545-8100.

Who can report a concern to GEF?

Anyone can report a concern including, members of the public, social services professionals, and service users.

When should I report a concern?

Before reporting a concern to GEF you are advised first to make direct contact with the service provider. If you disagree with an administrative decision made at the municipal level, you have the right to appeal the case to the Social Affairs Committee. All other relevant appeal routes should be exhausted before making a referral to GEF.

You can appeal administrative decisions to the Welfare Appeals Committee. Further information is on the committee´s website.

Note: If you think a person is in danger or at risk of harm, you should contact the police.

What happens after I have reported a concern?

If the nature of the matter is within the scope of GEF´s operation, the case will be assessed further. Otherwise, GEF will guide the person reporting about potential resources and appropriately refer the case to a relevant authority.

Once an assessment has been completed and a decision has been made about the next steps, we will inform those at stake accordingly.

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