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3. júlí 2019 Sendiráð Íslands í Genf

Ávarp í umræðu um lönd sem þarfnast sérstakrar athugunar

Mannréttindaráð SÞ í Genf - myndUN Photo/Violaine Martin

Fulltrúi Perú flutti í dag ávarp fyrir hönd LIMA ríkjanna og 38 annarra ríkja, þ.m.t. Íslands, í umræðu um ástand mannréttinda í Venesúela.


41th session of the Human Rights Council

General debate under item 4

The human rights situation in Venezuela


Joint Statement 


3rd July 2019


Mr. President,


     I make this statement on behalf of 52 States, which are deeply concerned about the serious violations and abuses of human rights in Venezuela.


     In her recent visit to the country, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights heard testimony about the existence of torture in detention centers, of persons detained for having exercised their civil and political rights, of the violence experienced at the hands of security forces, as well as of impunity and unreliable access to justice. We call for the full respect for the life, physical integrity, and freedom of all Venezuelans.


     The humanitarian crisis continues to worsen in Venezuela and the vast majority of people’s needs go unmet, including access to adequate food, water and education.  The Venezuelan people must receive international humanitarian aid to alleviate their suffering, in accordance with humanitarian principles. Nearly 4 million Venezuelans, more than 10% of the population have fled in recent years. In June alone, almost 8000 crossed the border daily. Despite the increased pressure, host countries, most of which are in the region, are making considerable and commendable efforts to provide Venezuelans with access to basic services.  


     The right to health is particularly precarious: the shortage of medicines and equipment, the exodus of health professionals, the deterioration of water quality and sanitation, as well as frequent power outages, contribute to a critical situation. The magnitude remains unknown due to a lack of official information as well as independent and country-wide needs assessments. But there is evidence of repercussions: once eradicated diseases have reappeared in the region on account of the collapse of the Venezuelan health system. 


Mr. President,


     We will continue to monitor the human rights situation in Venezuela. In this context, our countries look forward to the presentation of the High Commissioner’s report on July 5.


     We reaffirm that it is only through a peaceful political solution, including by holding free and fair presidential elections, framed by the Constitution, international law and the people themselves, that Venezuelans will regain their full enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms. In this respect, we reiterate our support to all efforts underway towards this goal.



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