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21. september 2020

Ávarp í umræðu um vernd gegn þvinguðum mannshvörfum fyrir hönd Norðurlanda og Balta

Madame President,

I have the honour to deliver this statement on behalf of the Nordic and Baltic countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and my own country, Iceland.

We thank the Working Group for the report on their activities and the focus of its thematic report on impunity.

We reiterate our view that enforced disappearance is a serious violation of human rights. It is a violation of the rights of the victim, and the uncertainty of loved ones can be equated to psychological torture, one that can be compounded by the impunity surrounding such disappearances.

We therefore concur with the conclusion of the Working Group that an effective investigation of enforced disappearances must include information about the whereabouts and the fates of the disappeared persons, if such exists, the circumstances of their disappearance and the identity of the perpetrators who must be brought to justice. in accordance with international human rights law.

We are grateful for the efforts of the Working Group to work to establish the truth around enforced disappearances and continue to urge States to respond favorably to requests by the Working Group to visit and to extend all necessary cooperation.

We would like to ask the Working Group what measures States can take to support the fight against impunity and enforced disappearances beyond their territory?

I thank you.


Hafa samband

Ábending / fyrirspurn
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