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25. september 2020

Ávarp í umræðu um lönd sem þarfnast sérstakrar athugunar


Thank you Madame President,

The recent report of the Human Rights Council´s fact-finding team concludes that Venezuela's security services have been engaged in a pattern of systematic violence since 2014, aimed at suppressing political opposition.

The report finds that President Maduro and other senior leaders were not only aware of the crimes, but gave orders, co-ordinated operations and supplied resources.

We find these conclusions – amounting to crimes against humanity – very worrying.

We note that Venezuela is an elected member of this Council and as such should be seeking to uphold the highest standards of human rights. Clearly its government is not doing so and we both regret this and find it utterly deplorable.


Madame President,

We condemn the recent summary executions in Iran and call on the authorities to end their use of capital punishment. We further condemn intimidation, prosecution and ill-treatment of human rights activists and call on the government of Iran to immediately release political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

I thank you.




Hafa samband

Ábending / fyrirspurn
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