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1. október 2020

Ávarp í umræðum um mannréttindaástandið í Úkraínu

Thank you, Mr. President.

Iceland supports the High Commissioner and her office as well as special procedures mandate holders who report on the situation in Ukraine.

Iceland continues to have grave concerns about the human rights and the humanitarian situation in the conflict areas in Ukraine. Continued reports of arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, torture and ill-treatment in the so called DNR and LNR areas are of particular concern. Those responsible need to be held accountable.

It is the civilian population that suffers the consequences of this prolonged armed conflict in all areas of their lives, with negative impact on their human rights. We underline, in this regard, the urgency of the full implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Madam President,

Iceland reiterates its support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence within its internationally recognized borders and call for the full respect of the rights of all residents of Crimea. We urge the Russian Federation, as the occupying power of Crimea, to grant OHCHR access to the peninsula.

I thank you.


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