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20. ágúst 2012 Dómsmálaráðuneytið

Advertisement regarding the Referendum to be held on 20 October 2012

With reference to Article 5 of the Conduct of Referendums Act, No. 91/2010 (cf. the Resolution by the Althingi of 24 May 2012), an advisory referendum is to be held on 20 October 2012 on the proposals by the Constitutional Council for a draft Constitutional Act and particular points relating to the proposals.

The following questions will be put to the electorate in the referendum:

1.      Do you wish the Constitution Council's proposals to form the basis of a new draft Constitution?
In the new Constitution, do you want natural resources that are not privately owned to be declared national property?
Would you like to see provisions in the new Constitution on an established (national) church in Iceland?
Would you like to see a provision in the new Constitution authorising the election of particular individuals to the Althingi more than is the case at present?
Would you like to see a provision in the new Constitution giving equal weight to votes cast in all parts of the country?
Would you like to see a provision in the new Constitution stating that a certain proportion of the electorate is able to demand that issues are put to a referendum?

The referendum will be held in the same polling stations as are used in general elections. The individual local authorities will publish further details about polling stations in the usual way shortly before the referendum, i.e. their opening times, locations, divisions into wards, etc. Voters are asked to acquaint themselves thoroughly with this information. 

Under Article 2 of the Act No. 91/2010 (cf. Article 1 of the Act No. 24/2000), all those who have the right to vote in general elections have the right to participate in the referendum. 

Voters' rolls will be prepared on the basis of electoral registers provided by Registers Iceland to the local authorities. Voters' rolls shall be based on voters' registered domicile addresses registered in each local government area as of 29 September 2012 (cf. Article 2 of the Act No. 91/2010). Voters' rolls shall be available for inspection in local government offices or other suitable locations not later than 10 October 2012. 

 Pre-referendum voting begins on 25 August 2012.


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