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06.05.2022 11:17 Forsætisráðuneytið

Ávarp forsætisráðherra á framlagaráðstefnu til stuðnings Úkraínu í Varsjá 5. maí 2022

Prime Minister Morawiecki, Prime Minister Andersson, Prime Minister Shmyhal,

Commission President Von der Leyen and EU Council President Michel,

Dear colleagues and friends.

Iceland stands in full solidarity with Ukraine in the face of Russia´s ongoing brutal military aggression. The Icelandic people stand with the Ukrainian people.

The people who thought on the 24th of February that they were going on with their daily lives, work, family, friends.

People who want to live in a world where we respect humanity and human rights, where we solve our disputes with dialogue – not war.

As we have heard today there is no end to the horrors of war, death, and destruction.

We are facing unprecedented humanitarian crisis with more than 12 million people in the urgent need of humanitarian aid.

Allow me to pay my respects to the people of the neighboring countries of Ukraine, including and not least to our Polish hosts, for their warmth and unwavering commitment to assist their Ukrainian neighbors.

Iceland is resolutely a part of the broad international alliance to assist Ukraine. So far, my Government has contributed roughly half a billion Icelandic kronas to humanitarian efforts, equivalent to 4,2 million euros.

We have allocated funds to international organizations in the region not forgetting various local civil society efforts where the Icelandic public has expressed its strong support.

We have opened our doors to refugees. As of last week, around one thousand Ukrainians fleeing the war have been warmly welcomed in Iceland.

Icelandic authorities have placed a special focus on assisting individuals and families of vulnerable refugee groups including disabled children, and sick and injured and their close relatives, including those hosted in Moldova.

We need to pay special attention to the fact that the war is impacting women and men differently, not to mention the huge rise in conflict-related sexual violence and human trafficking.

Today, I am announcing the pledge of additional 425 million Icelandic kronas, the equivalent of 3 million euros, thereby almost doubling the total amount from Iceland allocated to humanitarian and economic aid for Ukraine.

With this pledge, Iceland´s current contribution stands at 1 billion Icelandic kronas, the equivalent of 7,2 million euros.

The amount will be channeled to different international humanitarian organizations, further humanitarian and economic aid, and to the World Banks Trust Fund for Ukraine.


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