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19. mars 2019 Sendiráð Íslands í Genf

Ræða um Malí

Harald Aspelund, fastafulltrúi  Íslands, flutti í dag ræðu um mannréttindaástandið í Malí við umræður í mannréttindaráðinu


Interactive dialogue with the Independent Expert
on the situation of human rights in Mali

19 March 2019

Statement by Iceland


Mr. President,

Iceland thanks the Independent Expert for his report.

The implementation of the Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation in Mali must remain the top priority and we welcome the renewed commitments by the Government of Mali and the signatory armed groups to its expedited and full implementation. We recognize the challenging circumstances in which the Malian Government operates, and the efforts made to restore peace and State authority throughout the country.

Reports of serious and recurrent violations and abuses of human rights, including allegations of extrajudicial executions, abductions, torture, ill-treatment and illegal detention - committed with impunity – are deeply concerning. We particularly regret that none of the perpetrators of the conflict-related sexual violence reported since 2014 have been brought to justice.

Thorough, fair and impartial investigations into violations committed by all parties – including Malian defense and security forces - must be carried out in order to identify the perpetrators of human rights abuses and specific measures must be taken to end to the culture of impunity.

We call on Mali to protect women against all forms of sexual violence and urge Mali to adopt a law prohibiting this form of violence. We also urge Mali to comply with Security Council resolution 1325 on "Women, Peace and Security" in the management of the conflict and welcome the establishment of a working group on the participation of women in the peace process.

Mr. President, some argue that the delay in the peace process is an opportunity to promote women’s participation and we would like to ask the Independent Expert if he agrees with this assessment?

I thank you.



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