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12. júlí 2017

26. Cruise Ships is the problem! - Jens Nørgaard-Offersen

If Iceland really want to lower the air pollution, take a long hard look at the 150+ cruise ships coming this year (and most likely more in the future)

Cruise ships are some of the biggest air (and sea) polluters there is, and there is almost no regulation on it!

In one day a sea the average cruise ship emits 

- More soot than 1.000.000 cars… 

- More SO2 than 13.000.000 cars…

- Not to mention the millions of liters of sewage dumped into the sea

Here is a few ref. on the stats above. 




While the cruise ships are docking in Reykjavik and other places they need to keep the huge engines running 24/7, but they massively pollutes the surrounding area doing so.  

There is however a very simple solution to that problem called: Shore Power. 

Iceland have almost endless amount of clean renewable energy which could be used to power the ship while they are docking. 

It’s already mandatory for most ships docking in the ports in California, where air pollution from ship have gone down as much as 95%

Here is an article about Shore Power and the positive effect of it. 


With the above information, I can’t think of a reason why (100% clean) Shore Power shouldn’t be mandatory in Iceland as well. 


Kind regards 

Jens Nørgaard-Offersen


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