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“My pages” - on the Icelandic Government Ministries' website

Mínar síður á vef Stjórnarráðsins: Leiðbeiningar

Using “My pages” – “Mínar síður” on the Icelandic Government Ministries' website

My pages on the Icelandic Government Ministries' website is an area where users can access the on-line services available from the ministries and government bodies at any given time.

Sign in using one of three methods:

  1. With your electronic ID on the website Island.is.
  2. With your Íslykill on the website Island.is.
  3. By choosing the Nýskráning – New Registration tab on the website and then entering your ID, name and address and choosing a password. NB the website is connected to the National Register, so only personal IDs can be used.

If you have already registered on Mínar síður - My pages, choose the Innskráning - Sign in tab and then sign in using your ID and password or one of the methods above.

  • Choose the Innhólf - Inbox tab for new messages sent to you by the system and the institutions using it.
  • Choose the Mínar stillingar - My settings tab to view and edit your personal data.
    Data entered on this page is often entered automatically in applications, so it is important to make sure that it is correct and up-to-date.
  • Choose the Mín mál - My things tab to view all the applications (etc.) you are preparing or have sent.
  • Choose the Eyðublöð - Forms tab for all the forms available; these are grouped under the various institutions. Most forms have an expiry date and can only be viewed and accessed during a predetermined period.

You can save uncompleted forms on the Forms page and open them to continue later. NB that they will not be received by the ministry or other institutions until you have sent them. It is therefore important to press Senda - Send before the deadline expires.

After sending a form, you can sign in and add comments or attachments. Every form you send in will be given a reference number in the file of the institution in question. They will be assigned to a member of the staff who will be responsible for going over them and passing them on for processing.

A web feed (RSS) is available showing forms that are active at any given time.

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