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10. mars 2021 Utanríkisráðuneytið

Ávarp á fundi Sameinuðu þjóðanna um sjálfbæra orku og heimsmarkmiðin

Global Champion of the UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy
Virtual Launch Programme
High-Level Dialogue on Energy 2021: A Year of Energy Action
10 March 2021


It is with great pleasure that I participate in this virtual launch of the high-level dialogue on energy, which I believe could be the beginning of something really meaningful. 

Iceland has joined the dialogue as a Global Champion for Theme three on enabling the Sustainable Development Goals through inclusive and just energy transitions.

We believe that sustainable energy for all is critical for achieving all the Sustainable Development Goals and see this High-level Dialogue as part of a long-term push towards achieving SDG7.

Iceland has a long history of utilizing sustainable energy. For almost 100 years our heating and electricity has been generated through sustainable means, not least hydro and geothermal. 

Our food, fisheries and agricultural sectors have also benefitted from clean energy and I believe there is great potential for developing countries in harnessing geothermal resources to enhance food security. 

This calls for an increased focus on green investment in direct geothermal use in agriculture and aquaculture to increase production, and to minimize food waste.

We have also long championed a focus on gender equality in the transition to sustainable energy production and use – and we see it as a fundamental aspect of inclusive and just energy transitions.


Iceland will gladly co-host the planned Ministerial-level Thematic Forum for Theme III and is looking forward to coordinating with the other Global Champions, as well as a wide range of other actors, including civil society. We also stand ready to conduct outreach and mobilize Energy Compacts. 

Let 2021 be a year for energy action. I am looking forward to champion inclusive and just energy transitions.


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